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  • "Hey y'all, seriously, Tstudio is a one stop shop. Where else can you get amazing music production, intuitive CD design, a business alluring website, AND your entire home done with cutting edge interior design?"

    Everett Bradley,crazy super talented musician, writer, producer, artist, dancer, friend, client


  • "T, for tenacious...she doesn't stop until everything looks and works great on all platforms"

    Bernard Fox - audio expert, inventor, super-genius, cousin, client

  • “T has way too many talents for one person…frankly, it’s annoying!”

    Ilene Angel – singer, songwriter, author, friend, client

FROM T:  Hi and thanks so much for being here!

I have worked for a very long time as a songwriter and artist in the music business, and have done my own websites and art and music work for others as well throughout all of that time (you can see some of that work all around this site).

I have loved (and still do love) creating my own music and artwork, but since I’ve started working on other people’s projects, I’ve realized I find as much joy in that as in my own creations.

And so, I am offering my services as an artist/musician for hire here on this site.  Take a look around, and let me know how I can help you bring YOUR creative vision to life.